ReeftonHoliday Activities

The Old Nurses Home Guesthouse was opened by theMinister of Labour in 1949 as a Nurses Home to house the matrons, nurses anddomestic staff of the Reefton Hospital. In recent years it has been operated asa guesthouse.

Reefton, firstly named Quartzopolis, is steeped inhistory. It was founded in the late 1860’s with the rush to mine gold. Smallgold mining towns sprang up at the same time in the surrounding hills. Much ofthis history has been presented with remnants still remaining of surroundingmining sites and in Reefton itself old historic buildings, historic walks, anextensive photo gallery and museum.

Reefton also gained fame being the first town inthe Southern Hemisphere to have a public supply of electricity with the shopsof the main street being lit up in time for Christmas in 1888.

Reefton is also home to some very talented artistswhose work can be viewed at the Broadway gallery. Open cast coal mining anddairying are also important industries.

The town is valued for its warm hospitality, withcafes and hotels offering great food. Reefton offers interesting and variedactivities as well as a restful, laid back atmosphere.

Reefton is a playground for those who love theoutdoors..... Mountain biking enthusiasts will find Reefton has a myriad of fantasticmountain bike trails suiting both beginner and expert alike. Reefton offerssome of the closest accommodation to the newly completed 'The Old Ghost Road'which starts at Lyell in the Buller Gorge and heads west for an 80 km adventureexperience across the ranges to Seddonville on the West Coast. Alternately youcan start on the coast and finish at Lyell. You can enjoy a great nights restin Reefton before tackling The Old Ghost Road' - or soak in a warm bath at theOld Nurses Home Guesthouse after your Ghost Road ride!

Most importantly we are proud to be an officialpartner of 'The New Zealand Cycle Trail', and we warmly welcome cyclists toexperience The Old Ghost Road and the Reefton area.

The 4WD drive enthusiast will find the 4WD tracksaround Reefton some of the most challenging on the West Coast. Trip to BigRiver or the famous Napoleon Hill.

Reefton offers a host of wonderful West Coasttrails for the tramper - Ranging from overnight through the Kirwan Track, ortramping the old diggings around Black's Point, Big River, Alborns Mine or themore gentle walks around town. There are walks to suit all ages in the Reeftonarea.

Take a rafting trip with the rafting experts'Inland Adventures' and you will be rafting down rivers such as the powerful GreyRiver - It's a wild ride, from surfing through enormous rushing rapids todrifting through the serenity of the almost prehistoric walls of 'Gentle AnnieGorge'.

For the fly fishing enthusiast Reefton is a worldrenowned fishing location. With over 20 world class fly fishing streams locatedwithin an hour of Reefton, the area is renowned for some of NZ 's largest browntrout. Fly fishers can explore the famous West Coast streams such as the Grey,the Rough, the Waitahu and you will find the famous Inangahua River runningright through the town of Reefton. Professional fishing guides are available inReefton as well as helicopter services for those who want to reach the moreremote areas. Reefton Sports also offer a great range of tackle and expertadvice on trout fishing in the Reefton area.

Reefton also has a fantastic heated public swimmingpool and one of New Zealand’s largest BMX and skateboard parks (bikes availableto hire from Reefton Sports). golfing and gold panning are also popular.

Reefton is in the Buller District and is accessedvia the fabulous Lewis or Arthurs Passes, or via Picton and Nelson in thenorth. A 'must drive' trip with a world rating is through the Buller Gorge andalong the Coast Road taking in Punakaiki and returning via Greymouth. (seemap). It's a photographer’s paradise offering stunning coastal vistas.

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